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Lesbian Pee Turns Into Threesome Pissing

These lovely pee pictures feature two blondes, Alexa Bold and Frederica Hill, who, have quite an appetite for piss. They could just as well spend the night, pissing into each other’s mouths and eating each other’s pussies, but tonight Alexa’s boyfriend comes home and interrupts their wet pissing action. Rather than sending him home, Alexa and Frederica invite him to join in the peeing fun. After all, both were craving a little bit of dick so now there is no need to use a double headed dildo while they pee and play. He takes turns fucking each of them while piss is sprayed. He then decides to pee in Frederica’s mouth. Alexa, jealous, grabs the pissing penis and drinks the hot salty urine Frederica even pisses in her friend’s handbag!

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Pissing On His Penis

Hot Zoliboy pissing movie

Hot Zoliboy pissing movie

Here we have a very lovely blonde pissing on a penis from Zoliboy this really is a wet water sports movie, peeing action from Zoliboy. Zoliboy is such a great website and when Zoliboy have such lovely ladies peeing and being peed on while also enjoying hot and hard hardcore sex action it doesn’t get much better. I just love in this peeing movie how she is standing over his penis and then decides to release her golden fluid I bet it is so nice and warm when his hard cock gets covered in her golden fluid

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