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Lesbian Ladies Peeing From Club Sandy

Pissing on the floor these two lesbians are really making a lovely piss sound the tiles as the piss splashes all over them really does the lesbians piss streams justice in their sound. I love watching lesbians peeing together like this both squatting and letting go of there hot piss. Knowing that the two piss streams will mix together and become one. it is a shame that the lesbian action does not take place in the piss puddle that always is lovely to watch hot horny lesbians pissing and then getting down and dirty in their piss puddle till the are fully covered in salty urine. Club sandy has some great pee stuff and it seems to be getting better and better

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Pissing Lesbians From Club Sandy

I don’t thing there is much better than lesbian peeing and here we have Bianca Golden and Esmeralda from Club Sandy in some lovely lesbian peeing action. I know it is a small lesbian peeing clip but it is better than nothing and at Clubsandy you can see it all. I just love club sandy as it has such a diverse range of porn but piss porn is the best and how lovely in this lesbian peeing movie that as soon as she finishes pissing her pussy gets a good rubbing no toilet paper to wipe her piss dripping pussy a nice hand getting all the hot piss, pity it wasn’t a lesbian tongue licking her pissy wet pussy dry

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